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I believe there are three imperatives for successful leadership. They are: Being a Self-Aware and Skillful Leader; Having a Sound Organizational Strategy: and, Building a Culture of Commitment. The three books listed below are written to provide the leader with valuable insights and practical and proven know-how for gaining greater clarity, confidence, and competence related to each of these three leadership imperatives.


Leadership Begins with You: Being a Self-Aware and Skillful Leader

Carl Welte, Leadership Begins with You: Being a Self-Aware and Skillful Leader, The Ewings Publishing, 2023.

To be a truly effective leader one needs to have a firm grip on just who they are and develop the requisite interpersonal competencies. This book helps the reader do both. The first part of the book allows the leader to surface his real self by discovering his natural tendencies, priorities, and preferences. This is followed by helping the reader to discover and capitalize on his strengths. The second part of the book helps the leader to master three critical interpersonal competencies. The competencies to: 1. Be keenly aware of just what is going on; 2. Effectively communicate about differences; and, 3. Use natural, modified, and adaptive behaviors to align with the current environment, situation, and relationship. The book also provides a comprehensive, practical, and proven Self-Coaching process to help readers make any behavioral changes they want to make to be a more effective leader

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Making and Fulfilling your Dreams as a Leader

Carl Welte, Making and Fulfilling Your Dreams as a Leader: A Practical Guide for Formulating and Executing Strategy, Second Edition, The Ewings Publishing, 2022.

A Strategic Framework provides valuable guidance for formulating and executing a sound organizational strategy, be that for the organization as a whole or a specific organizational entity. The framework provides practical and proven methodology for engaging in quality thinking and interacting for developing the three dimensions of a sound strategy: Defining Identity (Purpose and Core Values); Setting Direction (Vision, Strategies, and Actions); and Executing (Working the Strategy).

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building commitment

Carl Welte, Building Commitment: A Leader’s Guide for Unleashing the Human Potential at Work, Second Edition, The Ewings Publishing, 2022.

The book provides specific guidance for the leader to effectively implement the author’s four building blocks for creating a culture of commitment. The four building blocks are: Selection: Choosing the Right People; Clarity: Developing Shared Expectations; Performance Coaching: Guiding Success; and, Teams: Synergy at Work. The book begins by setting a solid foundation for building a culture of commitment and discussing the four building blocks by: a) making the business case for creating a culture of commitment; and, b) providing a useful overview of what we know about human motivation at work.

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