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Building Organization,
Leader, and Team Effectiveness
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Enable organizational leaders and teams to achieve their desired results by helping them build the organizational capability to do so. Services include coaching, consulting, and training.

Organizational Capability

  • Sound Strategy

Defining the organization’s Identity--Purpose (why we exist) and Core Values (what we stand for); and setting the Direction--Actionable Vision; Strategies; and, resultant Actions (how we are going to get there).

  • Structure

Arranging and relating work to optimize accomplishing the sound strategy. Includes organizational design; use of teams; plant and equipment; policies, practices, and procedures.


  • Systems

Designing and using methods and processes to effectively and efficiently optimize accomplishing the sound strategy. Includes management systems; technical systems; and human systems.

  • Workforce Capability

Effectively choosing and equipping people to perform, and building a culture of commitment that energizes them to do so.