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Leadership Coaching

Examples of RESULTS

  • Coached the general manager of an engineering and construction organization to successfully craft and implement organizational design and staffing improvements.

  • Coached a facilities director of a large publishing company to accelerate his transition to success in a newly created position he was brought in to fill. His transition was successfully accelerated by creating and using a performance compact that he and his supervising manager used as a living, working document to ensure that they were on the same page regarding the purpose and the ongoing and time-limited results to be achieved in the position. The performance compact was also used to identify and resolve organizational issues and authorities and to craft appropriate developmental strategies.

  • Coached a valued individual contributor in a key position in a high-tech firm to gain credibility and acceptance with her technical client departments by helping her identify and contribute to the resolution of her client departments' issues and concerns.

  • Coached a human resource manager and her executive team in a heavy construction equipment company to help her and her department transition to a more strategic role in the company and to become a strategic partner with the executive team.

"Carl's coaching helped me succeed with two tough client groups, whereas the two people before me failed. Not only did I succeed, but I was promoted. Throughout the years, I have made ample use of the concepts and tools Carl provided me. He has made a big difference in the trajectory of my career." 
 Human Resources Executive, High Tech