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Strategy Formulation and Execution
Strategic Direction

Examples of RESULTS

  • Worked with the Chief Information Officer of a bank and her Information Systems directors to rethink the department's identity and architect a resultant strategic direction. The result was to successfully transform the department from a reactive mode (as one director so aptly put it: "We're like a dry-cleaning establishment") to becoming strategic partners with the various bank departments. Living their new identity and implementing their strategic direction allowed the department to provide substantially greater value to its department clients and the bank as a whole.

  • Teamed with valued colleagues to help a well-established heavy civil construction firm to: a) rethink and communicate a strategic direction in light of current realities; and, b) have its divisions develop and implement their own strategic directions that aligned with the corporate direction while allowing them to formulate and execute strategies to address each of their unique business opportunities and challenges.

  • Collaborated with a new executive team of a manufacturing firm that was brought in by the parent company to turn the firm's stagnant performance around by allowing it to realize its potential. In addition to helping the new executive team to bond, the organization's identity and strategic direction were formulated, communicated, and executed to allow it to grow revenues from a lackluster performance of continuously under $14 million a year to an achievable revenue stream of $50 million in three years.

"Carl and Clay were able to take strategic planning in our branch business units from nowhere to somewhere during a time when we needed a clear vision of growth. As a NYSE company of $3 Billion in revenue this was no small task. We were on a tight schedule and needed their expertise. Their process was a terrific help in allowing us to achieve our long term objectives." 
 Construction Industry Executive